massage final

Massage Therapy is used to assist in the healing process. Among its proven benefits are:

  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Increases serotonin and endorphins, enhancing medical treatment
  • Relief of many common symptoms of headaches, backaches, and muscle tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Increases mental alertness and clarity
  • Decrease symptoms of depression
  • Relieve anxiety and stress relief
  • Address symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Relaxation

Massage increases metabolism, relaxes and refreshes the muscles, and improves the detoxifying function of the lymphatic system. Massage helps to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and spasms and improves circulation of blood and lymph. The delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells can increase 10-15% as it enhances the removal of metabolic wastes .