Lash Lifting

The latest technology in lash enhancement is the lash lifting… If lash extensions aren’t for you, and you’re fed up of torturing your lashes with lash curlers, don’t despair there is a subtle alternative solution which involves “lifting” your own natural lashes from the base. Lash Lifting gives you a beautiful wide awake look, with the illusion of an increase in lash length and thickness. 


There are 3 different gradients of lift, ranging from a dramatic lift to a more natural lift so whatever look you’re after, it can be achieved. Just wait 24 hours after treatment and apply your normal mascara for that “wow they’re my lashes” look.


The whole treatment takes a relaxing 1 hour and final results are amazing. The Lash Lift will last up to 6 weeks with very little maintenance. Your lashes will also be tinted at the same time to give your lashes an even more darker sultry look. 


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A patch test will be required 48 hours before the treatment.


Take a look at this LashBase video to find out more!